The Conscious vs. The Unconscious

Nowadays you hear a lot about the discrepancy  between the “Have’s” vs “The Have Not’s.” There is an assumption that permeates society that teaches the idea that having more things or being financially rich,  will somehow make your life better, happier, and more fulfilled than if you have less stuff. Having a reasonable amount of financial security is understandable and a worthy goal. I am not here to discount the importance, need or desire for money and material abundance.  But I think that as we move forward into this millennium it will become clearer and clearer that it is not the ones who have the most stuff who will thrive and be the happiest.

I believe that as time marches on the people who will be the happiest will be those who are raising their consciousness. Their richness will be derived from the In-side. It will be the ones who seek higher levels of awareness and healing; they will seek heart felt connections to others; they will desire to have a relationship with their higher self; and most importantly they will seek a relationship with God and are driven to find their purpose in life and how they can be of service to others.

The world will be separated into “The Conscious vs The Unconscious.”

Life is an inside out job. All creation starts from within. As the bible says, “In the beginning there was the word.” There was first a thought, an idea. And until we become aware, which is another name for conscious, of how the process of creation works we will continue to feel lack, continue to struggle and continue to blame everything but ourselves. In other words we are unconscious of the power of consciousness.

Man was given free will with the ability to think which included the ability to think about what they were thinking about. With our free will and ability to think we were given the power of intention. The power to choose. Life is nothing but a series of choices we make strung one after the other, day after day, year and year. And, voila! We are where we are, who we are and what we are because of our choices. Period. No one else made our choices for us.

Now I realize that some people are born into a really crappy situation and their choices look very different from those born with more ideal circumstances. That being said, I have read countless stories of people born in poverty, those who survived the holocaust with forgiveness in their heart, and people born with debilitating disease and yet found a way to have a happy and fulfilling life. Why were they able to do that? What made them so special?

They knew where true power lies. It comes from within and was a gift directly from God. They knew that no one could take this power, this energy source, away from them without their permission. Their free will to choose their intention was what kept this power alive. They chose to focus their intention and thus their energy on what they wanted, where they were going and who they wanted to be. They didn’t focus on their problem, their situation or the unfairness of life. Guess what? Life isn’t fair. It never was and never will be because it was never meant to be fair. Life is meant to be a teacher.

LitmatchHere’s a very simple illustration of my point. If you were lost in the wilderness where it was so dark you couldn’t see ten feet in front of you, and you were hungry and alone but you had at your disposal an unlimited supply of just one thing, what do you think would be the most important thing for you to possess? Food and water? Money? A Map?

The answer is a light. Any kind of light would work. Think on this.

One lit match is more powerful than all of darkness.

As long as you have a light to shine ahead of  you, you are able to focus your attention and awareness on where you are going.  By doing this you have the ability to keep moving forward. And as you move forward you are putting yourself in a position to experience opportunities. You might find food and water. Find shelter. Find a road.  What you don’t do is shine the light at your feet, at your body or the past behind. You don’t curse the darkness and question why darkness has to be so dark.  You shine the light in front of you and then follow the path the light has provided.

You may not reach safety right away. You might even feel like you are going in the wrong direction and still feel lost. But one thing is for sure. You will not feel stuck. You will feel the power of moving. Eventually someone will see your light. You might meet others who are lost but who are following their light and then you travel together. You may reach your destination quickly or it may take some time but with the light you always have the choice to keep moving forward to experience opportunities.

luggage-with-tags1The problem we have is that so many people are having a difficult time moving forward because they feel heavy and weighted down. They were not taught at a young age this power that they posses. They were not taught the power of free will and intention.  Throughout life they collected emotional baggage from difficult life experiences. They didn’t know how to release their burdens. For that matter, they didn’t know they were supposed to. It became normal to feel heavy and burdened with an array of emotions: fear, anxiety, depression, unworthiness, hopelessness, powerlessness, etc. The list could go on and on.

It is this negative energy that people carry in their minds, their hearts, their bodies and their spirit that is the real source of their pain and struggle. They mistaken think that the battle to be won is an outward battle.  Happiness, to them, is out “there” amongst all the “stuff” and it is their goal to attain as much “stuff” as they can. THEN they will be happy and fulfilled. They are unaware, or “unconscious” as to where their power comes from and the source of true happiness.

This is why I am so passionate about sharing  the new information available to us that teaches us how to release the negative energies we hold on to.  This is what I mean by In-lightening up. When we release negative energies that we have been carrying around we feel lighter and when we feel lighter it is much easier to raise our consciousness.

Sadly, there are going to be a great many people who, even when they are presented the information, don’t have the wherewithal, the support, the inclination to take this information to heart and use it. There is some form of resistance that stops them grabbing the brass ring right in front of them.

Resistance can show up in many ways – as depression, stubbornness or fear – just to name a few. I was told that Dick Cavett, the successful talk show personality of the 1970’s, had depression so bad that he described it this way. He said it would get so bad at times that even if someone told him that there was a pill sitting on the table in front of him that would instantly make him feel better, he didn’t have the will to pick up the pill. That is resistance in it’s ugliest most despicable form.

What could be at the core of all resistance? In my mind it’s unworthiness. At some level Dick Cavett didn’t even feel worthy enough to do one simple act that would allow him the freedom from depression.

Could we have a collected state of unworthiness that holds many back from reaching out for the help that is there?

I’m here to bring to light the clash between the “Conscious vs. The Unconscious.” I’m here to share with as many as I can new ideas that can help free them from their resistance. If you feel resistance to what I am saying, take a moment. Look inside. Where is that resistance coming from? Could it be that beneath that resistance you, too, have lurking in the background of your being a sense of unworthiness? Then that is where you start. You address your feelings of unworthiness.

I am here to tell you we are all worthy, worthy of feeling lighter, worthy of feeling at peace, worthy of feeling less pain and worthy of feeling like you matter and can make a difference.  Each one of us is a child of God. We are all here for a reason. Those reasons are all different. We are each meant to learn our own unique lessons and run our own race. When someone falls beside us we can help them to their feet. Give them love and encouragement. Give them a gentle nudge to keep moving. BUT, and this is a very important but. We cannot run their race. We must run our own. Become conscious of our own lessons and focus on our own path.

We all are deserving of a life that fulfills us. You must, however, decide for yourself to be a person of consciousness. You have the power to manifest a life of your choosing. The tools are here for you to take. It’s up to you. Are you ready? Keep coming back. Together we can all feel In-lighten Up!

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Til next time…


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