That’s My Story and I’m Sticking To It

Every person has a story to tell. Each one is uniquely different.  Unfortunately many people whose life is a sob story get so caught up in their story that they spend an enormous amount of  time re-living it over and over again by telling it to anyone who will listen. Their story becomes their “identity” and their justification for why their life is so bad. Society, including family and friends, then does a great job at reinforcing this victim mentality which only keeps their story in place.
They have the mindset,
“That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”
However, did you ever take time to realize that you are the creator of your story? You are the common denominator in every moment of your life. And did you ever stop to think that every thing starts with a thought? That’s just a fact.  Look around you. Every thing you see before it became physical was first a thought. Reach out and pick something up.  What you have in your hand started from a thought. That includes you and everything that has happened in your life. From the moment you were born you have been thinking and feeling your way through life and those thoughts and feelings were the seeds which produced your life.
Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, you have had much more say in what has transpired in your life than you want to be responsible for. Consciously you may not have wanted certain things to happen in your life, but subconsciously you drew those experiences to you by what you thought and felt. When you keep focusing on your past story and all the crap you have had to endure, you only perpetuate the crappy experiences because it keeps you thinking and feeling the same crappy thoughts and feelings. This explains why people keep repeating patterns in their life be it relationships, financial status or health issues.
This repeating pattern is what I mean by “that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

So if you want your life to tell a new story what do you do? Here’s a four step process.

First, you stop focusing on the past. It’s not that much different than the concept that you don’t focus on the rearview mirror when driving a car. You might glance at it now and then but only for fractions of seconds. To get to your destination and get there safely it’s important and vital that you focus on the road up ahead of you.

Second, you claim ownership of your life. You are the authority over who you are. The word author comes from the word authority. You are not only the writer, (thoughts you think and words you say) but you are also the producer, (organizer) the director, (decision maker) and everyone down to the camera man. (Do you ever take selfies?)  You play many roles in the story of your life.  It’s empowering to know we can we have so much control and involvement in the story we have to tell.

Third, get a goal in mind and an intention of what you would like to experience, whether it is having something, doing something or being something. Get a clear picture of the story you want your life to tell then tell that story when people ask. Envision that story. Don’t recap an old one.  Don’t talk about the story you’re living now if you don’t like it.  Use your imagination and feel what it will feel like to have that new story come true.

Einstein is quoted as saying,einstein

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Use your imagination to attract into your life the new story you want to tell even if it only exists in your head and your heart for now. Let all the detailed pieces fall into place when the timing’s right. Be patient, consistent and ready for perfect timing.

Fourth, recognize when you are allowing your  new story to be thwarted, either by your own negative thoughts and emotions or you allow others to warp your vision. Guard your mind. Protect your heart. Pay attention to how you feel and keep reaching for the best feeling you can in any one moment. And most of all don’t pay attention to what other people are doing or saying. That’s their story. Not yours.

You have a story as we all have a story to tell. What story have you been telling? Do you have a story you need to let go of? Do you want your life to tell a different story? Then start this moment, with the best and brightest thought you can have, that gives you the best and most positive feeling you can feel and make that your beginning. Then just keep on reaching for more thoughts and feelings like those and over time you will have the most amazing story ever to tell.






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