Surrounding a Problem Form Three Sides

Problem Solving Using The Theory of Triangulation

Whenever I am problem solving an issue in life I try to approach the situation from three sides. I call this triangulating the problem or the “theory of triangulation.” The theory purports that since we interact with the world in three ways  – physical, mental and spiritual – then all problems and solutions reside there in some form as well. You could think of this as a holistic approach. By surrounding a problem from these three angles it gives you the greatest chance of making sure you’re not overlooking a possible solution.

So often people look at a problem two dimensionally.  They think there is either a physical solution to the problem and they need to “do” something or they need to solve it with their head and use critical thinking.

This is all well and good. Many problems in life can be dealt with using these two approaches. But what if that is not where the solution resides? What if there is more going on than our physical/mental perspective allows us to see or understand?

We cannot go through life solely using our intellectual capabilities and our five senses to give us all our information and be the only source of our answers. We have to remember that we are spiritual, energetic beings and the universe is nothing but pure energy. An unseen energy force, or God if you will, is pervasive.

Everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies measured in Hertz. Quantum physics describes the universe as nothing more than vibrating strings of energy and there are scientists whose sole job is to measure and document these vibrations.

Each human vibrates at their own frequency too and that’s where the term “good vibes” comes from. Each organ also has its own unique vibration as well as each emotion. Love, joy and enthusiasm vibrate at high frequencies where as depression, fear and anger register at lower frequencies.  Money has a vibration as does every disease.

Ignoring the energetic, vibrational component to our world is ignoring a vast wealth of knowledge that could hold the solution to a problem. The alternative healthcare community understands this. That is why there are many healing modalities that have spawn in the last 30 years or so that are based on energy and the concept that things vibrate and resonate/compliment with one another as well as conflict/clash. Here are a few examples of modalities that use quantum physic’s theories on energy to heal the body:  Reiki, essential oils, sound therapy, light therapy, EFT (tapping), chakra balancing, homeopathy just to name a few.

No matter what kind of problem you are dealing with the theory of triangulation can be applied. It’s fine to look to the physical world and see what might be wrong and need correction or how you can use your intellect to come up with an answer. But when things don’t seem to make sense. When nothing you do or think makes any difference, then maybe its time to turn to the unseen world of energy for answers.

If you think this is too weird or unconventional then remember this. People have been turning to the unseen world for 1000’s of years by turning to God and to prayer. Prayer is nothing but pure intentional thought/emotional energy submitted into the universe. The power of prayer is a real force. If it wasn’t then it wouldn’t have survived as long as mankind has been using it.

When you have an unresolved problem here are some questions to ask.  What is your intuition telling you? What emotional energy could you be carrying that is affecting you? What does your soul want? What does your higher self (subconscious) know that could contribute to solving your problem?  Might there be a spiritual reason or lesson that needs to be learned through your difficulties? Could there be a energy healing modality that could take away the pain, cure you of the disease or improve the quality of your life? What or who is in your environment that is vibrating at a frequency that clashes with yours? What kind of energy do your thoughts and emotions emit that are reverberating back to you?

No matter what kind of problem you are dealing with try applying the theory of triangulation. Do what you can physically and mentally but do not ignore the invisible world of energy and how exploring that realm might hold the key to finding the answer to your problem.

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