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Surrounding a Problem Form Three Sides

Problem Solving Using The Theory of Triangulation

Whenever I am problem solving an issue in life I try to approach the situation from three sides. I call this triangulating the problem or the “theory of triangulation.” The theory purports that since we interact with the world in three ways  – physical, mental and spiritual – then all problems and solutions reside there in some

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The Conscious vs. The Unconscious

Nowadays you hear a lot about the discrepancy  between the “Have’s” vs “The Have Not’s.” There is an assumption that permeates society that teaches the idea that having more things or being financially rich,  will somehow make your life better, happier, and more fulfilled than if you have less stuff. Having a reasonable amount of financial security

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The Slight Edge Principles

In my work as a life coach a typical first session with a client starts out by going over a few basic ideas as a cornerstone for the work we’ll do together.  I refer to these concepts as the slight edge principles, a term that I borrowed from the excellent book, The Sight Edge by Jeff

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Woo Woo Choo Choo

This is a story about one of my life experiences that is a favorite of mine. It’s a simple story and yet it has had a huge impact on me and my family.  It illustrates how you can have a normal, everyday experience, and yet see something that can forever change the way you look

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Healing at the tip of your fingers

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an amazing technique. It’s so simple and yet so powerful.  EFT, or better known now as “tapping,” was first discovered and developed by Dr. Callahan in the 1970’s . He discovered it almost by accident when he was working on a patient who had a severe phobia of water. He

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Boomer & The Emotion Code – Part 2

  After having my chiropractor work on me me using the Emotion Code method over a number of appointments I realized that he often found an emotion at a particular age that made perfect sense.  Maybe it was just a coincidence. But then… maybe not. At this point my left brain was taking a beating.

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