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Four Steps to Changing Your Life’s Story

Every person has a story to tell. Each one is uniquely different.  Unfortunately many people whose life is a sob story get so caught up in their story that they spend an enormous amount of  time re-living it over and over again by telling it to anyone who will listen. Their story becomes their “identity” and

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Overcoming Self Doubt

Self doubt is undoubtedly one of the greatest saboteurs to our success. When we believe we can do something we harness a power not only from deep within ourselves but beyond ourselves as well. Belief taps us into enthusiasm, passion, and inspiration  – those ingredients that make this an abundance world. Doubt connects us with

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How to embrace being an introvert in an extroverted world

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Or could you be an ambivert?  Which just means you’re somewhere in between. Recently I read a book by Susan Cain titled “Quiet – The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.” It is a book that shows a deep reverence for the strength in

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Words Have Power

Have you ever wondered at the power of the words you speak? Or even the thoughts you think? Does it really make a difference what you say out loud or under your breath if the only person who hears them is you? When I was a kid we used to take flashlights and intentionally point

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The Chinese Bamboo Tree

The story of the Chinese Bamboo is a great anecdotal illustration of perseverance, patience, faith and trust.  I love to share it with people, especially to those who are struggling to find success at reaching a goal. I fit into that category often so this story has really helped me keep my perspective. This is a

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Good Grief?

“Good grief!” was a phrase I heard a lot growing up in the 1960’s. The Peanuts cartoon had just hit the scene and “Good grief, Charlie Brown” became their signature line. It was also a phrase my parents used frequently as it was an idiom of the times. As I’ve gotten older and experienced a fair amount of

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