Introduction to The Emotion Code – Part 1

For the last 15+ years my family and I have been blessed with being patients of a chiropractor who is always ready and willing to think outside the box when it comes to healing the body. He was, and still is, constantly going to conferences and symposiums on alternative healthcare.  I, as his counter part, am an open minded, willing patient, ready to try new healing modalities. (Thank God he never brought out leeches. Not sure if I could go that far.)

And yet as open minded as I am, my skeptical side doesn’t venture too far away. And neither does his, for that matter. Both of us have over active left brains that have a need to understand something at the intellectual level. We are compelled to search for the answer to  “how does this work?” Which makes applying non-physical energy work all the more challenging.

Energy work is like dealing with any other form of vibrational frequency found in the universe. For example we don’t perceive radio waves with our five senses and yet when you have a radio receiver, then BINGO! You’re able to tune in and can hear and even feel the vibration of the sound waves that have been flying through the air completed undetected. I think of that analogy every time my skepticism starts to nag at me when I use some kind of energy healing.  I like the old Arab proverb, “Have faith, but tie your camel.” That fits me to a tee.

The-Emotion-CodeI was first introduced to the book and healing technique The Emotion Code around the 2008 by my “out of the box” chiropractor. He had already been using a technique on me called NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) so I was getting kind of used to the idea that I had energies or memories in me that were causing some of my body’s ailments. Feel free to Google NET. It’s an amazing technique too.

Briefly, the premise of both of these healing techniques is that everything is energy, including thoughts and feelings (emotions). When we don’t process a feeling and release it a negative emotional energy (you could think of it as a memory) can get stuck in our bodies. According to some alternative healing practitioners it is these negative energies in us that create 90% of everything that ails us. Wow! That is some stat.

The Emotion Code is a very simple process where you find a negative trapped emotion by asking yes and no questions of your higher self (aka your subconscious) and using a form of muscle testing (applied kinesiology) or the use of a pendulum to determine the answer. Now I don’t want to lose anyone because I use a pendulum. I’ll explain the use of that in another blog. Just keep reading.

Our subconscious is a “know-it-all.” Literally! Every second of our life is recorded in our subconscious. Our body is part of that subconscious. If that concept is a little strange then think of your experience with muscle memory. I know that I can remember some telephone numbers only when I imagine punching the numbers on a telephone keypad. Is that true for you too? Or the fact that I can play a piano piece I haven’t played in years. My fingers just seem to know where to go. Yes, of course part of that memory is stored in the brain. But it’s the pathways between the brain and muscle that really solidify the memory. Once you acknowledge a trapped emotion (negative energy) that is stuck in your body it can be released.

Here’s a quick illustration of this concept. I want you to pick up a small item close by, say your keys, and put them in your hand. Now, let’s pretend that you are completely unaware that the keys are in your hand. It’s as if they are invisible. To make that one easier to comprehend let’s say you put your keys in your coat pocket and forgot that you had put them there.  They are invisible to your five senses. Now if I were to tell you to remove your keys, which, remember, you don’t realize are in your pocket, you can’t do that. Can you? You can’t remove the keys from your pockets because you forgot or were completely unaware that you put them there.

Now once you are told that you have keys in your pocket and you reach down and find that is the case then it’s easy to remove them. Until you acknowledge something, which is the same thing as bringing it into your awareness or consciousness, you can’t let it go. This is a main premise of The Emotion Code and other emotional healing techniques.

So once you’ve found an emotion through your yes/no questions then you release that negative energy  by running a magnet down your governing  meridian. Bizarre! Right? That’s what I thought the first time he did it on me. It takes about a minute or so per emotion. The reason that a magnet works (actually your own hand works too) is that we are electromagnetic beings. Just like a magnet erases information off a credit card a magnet has the same affect on the body. The governing meridian is a channel of energy that connects all parts of the body. So even if the trapped emotion is in the toes the energy will be brought to the surface by acknowledging it and then it will flow into the meridian channels of the body where it can be released. It is your intention that fuels the process.

I can just imagine what some of you are saying. This is a bunch of  woo woo hogwash! That’s what I used to think. To be continued…

Til next time…


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