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Meditation 101 – Basic Benefits & Tips

I’m sure you’ve heard that meditation is good for you. You might have even tried it yourself. Maybe with some success and then maybe not. To motivate you to do it o a more routine basis let’s answer a few basic questions.

First off, what exactly are the benefits of meditation? Second, how do you mediate? And third, what are some tips to make it easier?

Benefits of Meditation

There are lots of benefits of meditation. Here is just a short list of how meditation affects us and the resulting benefits.

  • Calms down your brain and nervous system – helps with anxiety and insomnia
  • Slows down your respiration and heart rate – helps to lower blood pressure
  • Reduces cortisol levels – helps combat stress related illnesses & inflammation
  • Enhances self awareness – helps with focus, memory and decision making
  • Relaxes the body – helps with muscle tension & pain
  • Gets you into your heart space – helps to smooth out emotional imbalances 

How to Meditate

You don’t need to make it complicated. Keep the process simple and follow just a few basic instructions.

Find a private and quiet place at a time when you won’t be disturbed

Sit in an upright position either in a chair or sit cross legged on the floor

Focus on your breathing

~ focus on your belly rising as you breath in

~ focus on your chest as you breathe out

When thoughts pop up allow them to flow through your mind without judgment

Notice when you get to a place of “no thought” and stay there as long as you can

Meditating Tips

  • Use headphones
  • Find a guided meditation online you like
  • Listen to frequency sounds such as 528 Mz
  • Have white noise in your environment
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is temperature appropriate
  • Light a candle and infuse essential oils or burn incense
  • Close drapes and blinds
  • Say a prayer of gratitude and ask for assistance
  • Keep your routine short (20 minutes max) and simple to maintain

Now that you know how good meditation is for you, how simple it is to do and some tips to help make it a more enjoyable I hope you make meditation and part of your daily routine.

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