Do You Know What’s Stopping You?

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again

and expecting different results then what does that mean sanity implies?


As you enter yet another year with high hopes of success, a list of goals, maybe even a well crafted action plan, and good intentions behind your new year resolutions, are you also filled with conflicting thoughts, feelings and emotions about what the new year has in store for you? Oftentimes new chapters in our lives are filled with both optimism of a fresh start mixed with some trepidation that somehow we will just create more of the same. Does this describe you? Then read on.

If success or achievement of a desired goal, as you have personally defined it, have eluded you in the past, maybe it’s time to really find out what has stopped you and vow to do something different for a change. This blog and the series of blogs to follow are aimed at giving you some new things to think about and ideas on how you can approach this year differently.

The simple truth as to what has stopped you (and all of us) from attaining a desired outcome is not as complicated as we want make it out to be. Having said that, I have to admit however that it is complex. However, by making it more complicated than it is gives us the excuse for not tacking its complexity. I’ll try to simplify it now.

So here it is. In a nutshell it is our emotions that stop us from achieving a desired goal. We are the ones who get in the way of our own success. People don’t like admitting that because that takes away their built in excuses. So if that is true, and it is our emotions that are at the root cause of our success or failure then maybe we need to look deeper into our emotional state and work at that level.

Where does our emotional state come from then? Well, in every moment of our lives there is a dance back and forth between our thoughts and how those thoughts make us feel (bodily sensations). Sometimes thoughts produce feelings and sometimes feelings produce thoughts. This dance of every moment of our existence gets recorded in our subconscious. We are only 5% conscious of this dance which means that 95% of the time this dance occurs at the subconscious level.

When we have an experience and a corresponding thought our bodies produce a cocktail of chemicals that get encoded into our subconscious that becomes a stored memory. This is what an emotion is. An emotion is a memorized concoction of chemicals that produce a form of energetic response. Emotion stands for energy in motion.

Sometimes we literally “feel” an emotion such as when anxiety causes our heart to pound or we lack physical energy when we are depressed. It is well documented that the energy of an emotion can physically affect the human body.

Here’s a simple example of how this works. Let’s say you are asked to stand up in front of your class when you are 7 years old and recite a poem you wrote. Just the thought of everyone staring at you, maybe judging the way you look, how you speak, and the words you say causes your body to produce cortisol and adrenaline along with a host of other chemical hormones. You get shaky and sweaty and your voice quivers. Some part of you has interpreted this experience as a threat so your body has gone into fight or flight mode. That experience, that memory is forever encoded in your subconscious with that specific cocktail of chemicals that create a physical sensation that we have named “fear.” Until that memory is addressed and a new chemical response is created your body will respond with the original energetic (emotional) response. From that moment on it would be normal for you to have a fear response to public speaking.

What’s important to realize is that thoughts do not lead to action. That’s why stating affirmations oftentimes falls short. What thoughts do is that they stimulate the body to respond emotionally and it is our emotional state that causes us to take action. Therefore, emotions are the energy that fuels our behavior and thus they are ultimately what determine our choices and are responsible for our actions.

So if you really want to know what is stopping you, then you need to look deep inside and get in touch with the negative emotional memories that you have stored up over the years and determine which ones have been running the show behind the scene. Once you identify those emotional responses you either need to release them so they no longer have power over you or you need to transform them into an energy that you can channel into positive action. When you’re able to transform negative emotions into a positive energy it makes it possible for you to look at your life’s situation from a new perspective. From this new place you will be inspired to make different choices and take different actions that will produce different results.

There are, in my opinion, four main categories of emotions that are at the core of why we don’t achieve the goals we set out for ourselves and why we don’t live up to our potential.

These four categories are:





Within each of these categories there are a host of emotions, too many to list here. In this series of four blogs I’m going to discuss each one of these categories of emotions and help you get to the bottom of which one(s) are holding you back from reaching your God given potential and the goals of your desire. Obviously I’m writing this from my own personal experience of the emotions I feel that have held me back in certain areas of my life and how I perceive what others might be feeling. You’ll need to let your own mind and heart come up with emotions that are personal to you that I didn’t mention and do your work on those.

Hopefully, at the end of this series of blogs you’ll have a better understanding of what has held you back in the past and how you can make changes in the future to produce a different result.

To be continued…

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