Presence in the Present Moment

Before you begin any journey, whether it is a long trip or just embarking on the journey of a new day, who you are both mentally and physically, the preparation you do and the direction you face before you take your first step are all critical components. In other words, your presence in the present …

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Words Have Power

Have you ever wondered at the power of the words you speak? Or even the thoughts you think? Does it really make a difference what you say out loud or under your breath if the only person who hears them is you? When I was a kid we used to take flashlights and intentionally point …

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The Chinese Bamboo Tree

The story of the Chinese Bamboo is a great anecdotal illustration of perseverance, patience, faith and trust.  I love to share it with people, especially to those who are struggling to find success at reaching a goal. I fit into that category often so this story has really helped me keep my perspective. This is a …

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Gone too soon!

On January 21st, just a week ago this past Saturday we got a call early in the morning that no parent wants to get. My step-daughter, Laura, called from back east to tell us that her brother, Rich Jr., had had a heart attack and died. It was sudden and quick.  He was only 49 …

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