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Good Grief?

“Good grief!” was a phrase I heard a lot growing up in the 1960’s. The Peanuts cartoon had just hit the scene and “Good grief, Charlie Brown” became their signature line. It was also a phrase my parents used frequently as it was an idiom of the times. As I’ve gotten older and experienced a fair amount of

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Gone too soon!

On January 21st, just a week ago this past Saturday we got a call early in the morning that no parent wants to get. My step-daughter, Laura, called from back east to tell us that her brother, Rich Jr., had had a heart attack and died. It was sudden and quick.  He was only 49

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What’s Really Stopping You?

In my last blog I posed the question “What’s Stopping You?” and I took a rather personal and humorous approach to it. If you haven’t read it you can read it here. In this blog, however, I’m going to take a more serious viewpoint to this provocative question. Here is the answer in a nutshell. Your

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What’s Stopping You?

In honor of the new year I thought I’d tackle the topic of goals and what’s stopping us from achieving them. January is the month of new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s a time when we reassess our goals not just for the new year but we often recommit to a dream or aspiration or

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The Prostitute’s Story

  This is a story that’s message has served me well. I heard it in a communications class I took back in college in the late 1970’s and it’s probably the only thing I remember from my college classroom experience that I can truthfully say has made a difference in my life. It’s a fun

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A Fear Greater Than Death

Even though my mom has passed away  I know somehow she is still with me. After all she made the house go electrically wacky the day after she died. Don’t know that story. Read it here. So when there are times when my heart really misses her I sometimes just start talking to her, sharing my thoughts

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