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Woman meditation by the ocean

Meditation is good for you – here’s why

I’m sure you’ve heard that meditation is good for you. You might have even tried it yourself. Maybe with some success and then maybe not. Exactly what are the benefits of making meditation a part of our regular routine? Is there a “right” way to meditate? How do you know if it’s making any difference?

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From Breakdown to Breakthrough

How a Crisis Can Serve Us As painful as a crisis is to go through, it might not be all bad. What can happen is that it can give you the  experience of going from a breakdown to a breakthrough. Not sure what that looks like. Actually, it’s a phenomenon that happens in nature all

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Heart and head communicate

How to Align Your Heart With Your Head

Do you know how to align your head with your heart? Did you even know that they communicated with one another? What’s amazing is that scientists have discovered that the heart has its own nervous system, intelligence and memory and has a direct connection with the brain and the two can actually be in sync

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How to Get in YOUR Flow State

Years ago I got super intrigued with the concept of getting in the “flow state” after reading the best selling book “Flow” by Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi. (Don’t try to pronounce his name – I gave up.)  I’m a big sports fan and I equated the flow state with the concept of how athletes can get in

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Shadow women looking in mirror

How to Avoid an Identity Crisis

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “midlife crisis.” You could also call it an identity crisis. As I reflect on my life, especially during my parenting years, I think I suffered from a chronic state of some form of an identity crisis. I had an ever present nagging subconscious question percolating in the background

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Do You Know Why You Procrastinate?

Are you a procrastinator? Do you notice that you habitually, or at least more than you’d like, put off doing certain tasks on your “to do” list? Have you ever thought about why you procrastinate? There are actually many reasons for procrastinating. Here are some of mine. Like most people I hate making mistakes.  I

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