Ask & It Is Given – Remove the Trees

One of my favorite books to recommend to clients is the book “Ask And It Is Given” by Esther & Jerry Hicks. It’s a little out there for some people…the book was channeled to Esther by Abraham, a spirit guide on the other side. Having said that I have found a lot of truth in the book and frequently use some of the concepts in my own life. One of those concepts is “remove the trees.”

Let me explain. The gist of the book is that we all know how to ask God, the universe, or whatever you like calling that divine force out there for what we desire. Many people call that “prayer.” And God is always answering our prayers. The reason we don’t feel like our prayers are answered and we have a hard time manifesting what it is we want  is because we don’t know how to receive.

I can attest to that one not only from my own personal experience in my life but in dealing with clients. We all seem to have emotionally blockages to receiving those things we desire. We have emotional baggage that weighs us down, clouds over our ability to think, act and feel clearly and free from burdens that holds us back.

Remove the treesIn the book Esther uses the analogy of driving a car. We are afraid of hitting the trees so we go very slowly, figuring if we go slow enough and we happen to hit a tree it won’t do much damage. Esther says that instead of going slowly we should “remove the trees.” With the trees out of the way we can go as fast as we want.

After reading that book I realize that that’s what my work is actually all about – helping people remove the trees, aka trapped emotional energies.

Next time you feel that your prayers are not being answered asked yourself this question. “What is stopping me?” It may take a lot of soul searching and self discovery either alone or with the assistant of another person, whether personal or professional. In the end I think you’ll find that what you need to do more than anything else to have what it is you desire in your life is for you to remove the trees. We all need to learn how to receive.

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