Heart and head communicate

How to Align Your Heart With Your Head

Do you know how to align your head with your heart? Did you even know that they communicated with one another? What’s amazing is that scientists have discovered that the heart has its own nervous system, intelligence and memory and has a direct connection with the brain and the two can actually be in sync with one another?  Neurocardiologists call it the intrinsic cardiac nervous system and refer to it as the “heart-brain.”

Did you know that the heart begins to develop in a fetus before any of the other major organs? You can see a pinpoint flicker of light on an ultrasound at just 6 weeks of gestation. Amazing! Never seen a heart that small? Watch a video here.

Did you know that the heart, aside from being a mechanical pump, is also an information processing center that sends all kinds of data and signals throughout the body’s various systems and has a profound influence on our brain’s activities?

Researchers have discovered that when we do feel this alignment our focus is better, so is our memory, decision making, intuitive skills, emotional stability and self confidence. They refer to this experience as heart coherence. When this alignment is extremely heightened and prolong some call it being in a “flow state.”

A fascinating book on heart intelligence

To learn more about heart intelligence and heart coherence I read a fascinating book called Heart Intelligence – Connecting With the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart. Here are just a couple of quotes from the book.

“Researches have found there is a physiological connection between emotional states, the heart and the brain.  They found that a measurement called Heart Rate Variability (HRV) was reflective of people’s emotional states and that HRV or heart rhythm analysis offers a unique window into the communication between the heart, brain and emotions.”

“Researching HRV helped us refine techniques to improve heart/brain communication and to self-generate a highly beneficial physical and emotional state called physiological coherence, or heart coherence. We found that positive feelings of love, care, appreciation and other uplifting emotional qualities long associated with heart activated this state of coherence. This important discovery on the link between emotion and the heart’s rhythms was published in the American Journal of Cardiology in 1995.”

To me this kind of information needs to be taught to the masses. Today as I write this blog it’s Febrary 7th which is National Wear Red Day in support of women’s heart health, during the month of February which is American Heart Month. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women and often goes undetected.  Maybe if we learned how to align our heart-brain and achieved heart coherence more often we could lower our risk for heart disease. Watch this short video that explains why heart coherence is important to our health.

How to create heart coherence for yourself

So have I gotten you curious as to how to have heart coherence. Here is a simple technique to help you achieve heart coherence in just a matter of minutes.

The first thing to do is to merely put your attention on your heart space. Take a few deep breaths breathing through this space, noticing your chest rise and fall. You can even put your hand over your heart to help you focus. Try to actually feel your heart beating.

Second, simply become aware of what your thinking and feeling in this moment.  Notice when a particular thought triggers your emotions whether positive or negative. Notice then how an emotion can loop back and cause you to have another thought which triggers another emotion. Are your thoughts and emotions on the positive side or negative?

Third, after becoming more aware of what you’re thinking and feeling then decide if you want to entertain more or less of them. If your thoughts and feelings are positive, then you probably will want more.  On the other hand, if you notice your thoughts and feelings are negative then you have the choice to let them go and redirect your thoughts to ones that are more positive.

It’s important to understand that you can’t let go of something until you are aware you’re holding on to it.  Awareness is the key. Once you are aware of your negative thought and feeling this is where you have to consciously think of something to negate them.  It’s when we ignore, avoid or resist our negative emotions and try to deny them that causes the build up and negative repercussions. Unacknowledged emotions stay with us. Acknowledged emotions are more apt to pass through us.

So for example, if you are feeling scared or overwhelm then think of a time when you felt strong and had courage. If you’re thinking about a challenge your facing and are feeling insecure then recall a time when you accomplished something difficult and felt confidence.

When we think or visualize positive thoughts and states of emotions and especially those of love, compassion, joy, forgiveness, enthusiasm, or any other higher frequency of energy then changes literally take place in your body physiologically. Doing this can affect every organ system in your body in a positive way.  This is how you consciously get yourself in alignment.

This simple technique that gets your heart in a coherent state is one that you can practice anytime anywhere. It’s like a skill or a muscle that has to be developed and practiced. Doing this technique constitutes a sort of change, a disruption in a mind/body/spirit pattern of being. We are creatures of habits, rituals and beliefs. The more we practice having a greater sense of awareness and consciously turn our attention to more positive thoughts, the easier it gets. Eventually we reset and reprogram both our conscious and subconscious minds as well as our emotional set point.

Sadly, most people are completely oblivious to how self destructive their own thoughts are to their emotional state. They’ve tolerated them for so long that they feel normal and familiar. We rarely if ever stop and question our thoughts. We just become at effect to them. We don’t stop to challenge our emotions either. We just endure them. The prolong negative energy we subject ourselves to from just our thinking and the corresponding emotions causes stress to our bodies which eventually takes its toll and can eventually lead to a breakdown –  a breakdown in our physical immune system, our mental state or our emotional well being. In extreme cases people can actually die of a broken heart after the passing of a loved one.

You weren’t meant to live in a prolong state of dis-ease and negative thought patterns. Your heart and your brain have a connection for a reason and positive thoughts have power for a reason. Aligning your heart with your head is up to you.  No one can do it for you.

Now to close, I want to let you in on one of my guiding beliefs that I think lots of people share. And that is things happen for a reason. Nothing happens in a vacuum. For instance, you’re not reading this blog my chance. You were drawn to my site and to this blog. Some part of you knows you need and desire a more heart coherent life, a more harmonious life experience with less negative emotions.

For those of you who are more visual here is a video to show you how to achieve heart coherence in just a matter of a few minutes.

In closing, my hope is that with this information you will be more conscious of what you are thinking and feeling and will now live with more intention, compassion, and joy and all the other emotions that make life the amazing experience it was meant to be.

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