8 Simple Ways to Reduce Anxiety Naturally

Boy! Has anxiety reached an all time high these days or what?I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of one person who isn’t worried or fearful about something. From my perspective fear has become more contagious than Covid and does a lot more harm. Fear is the number one reason why people are feeling so anxious. The fact is our brains were wired to detect threats and danger. Fear is a survival mechanism. But our brains and nervous systems were not made to withstand the constant barrage of fear mongering that we face everyday, especially as presented by the media. In order to cope and keep your anxiety in check you need to have a few tools in your toolbox and use them daily to combat the destructive forces anxiety is having on your physical, mental and emotional health. Here is a list of 8 things you can do when you find you are excessively worrying and feeling anxious. These suggestions may sound simplistic, but don’t let that fool you. Doing these kinds of activities on a consistent basis can do more good than you realize in calming down your nervous system, rewiring your brain and releasing negative thoughts and energies that are the source of your anxiety.

#1: Breathe –

Yes, it’s might be that easy. When you’re feeling anxious take a few moments to stop and focus on your breath. Think of anxious thoughts as if they were an upset, scared little child inside your head and all they needed was something to distract them long enough to stop the momentum of their fear. When you focus on your breath you not only alter and slow down your brainwaves but in addition every system in your body starts to relax and calm down. Our breath is our life force. When you take control of your breath it sends a message to your entire being that you can be in charge when you decide to claim that power. Here’s a wonderful video on how to use a breathing technique to minimize your anxiety.

#2: Pray

Since anxiety stems from fear related emotions, the best way to combat fear is with love. What better source of love than tuning into universal love, the kind of love you feel you get when you connect with God, your creator. There is a great line that has soothe my anxious soul many times. It’s “Let go, let God.” When you give your fears over to God there is an unexplainable shift you feel. It’s freeing. It opens you up to wisdom that your ego oriented, earthly self doesn’t have access to. Only when you pray and connect your higher self with God do you feel that wisdom impart into your thoughts.

#3 Meditate

Meditation is a cousin to prayer. The goal of true meditation is to empty your mind of all thoughts and literally just be, floating in a state of nothingness. Which, if you’ve ever tried to do is not that easy. Here is one form of meditation that can be done by novices and skilled meditators alike. Get in a comfortable position either sitting or lying down, close your eyes and focus solely on counting your breaths. That’s it. Try to think of nothing but the number you are on. When a thought comes to mind, other than the counting, you simply acknowledge the thought, let it go and then go back to focusing on counting your breaths, starting over at breath #1. Try to count to higher and higher numbers each time you have to start over. Meditation is an excellent way to slow down your brain waves to a theta state which is the optimal state of conscious relaxation. Here is one of my favorite guided meditations but there are many to choose from on the internet.

#4: Music-

Music is another great way to calm the savage beast in you. Our auditory sense of hearing is directly link to our brain waves. One way to alter brain waves is through the exposure to frequencies and what better frequencies to do this than soothing music. The choice of music is yours. Just be sure to pick something that literally makes you feel calm and relaxed. Other things you can listen to are sounds of nature such as the ebb and flow of the ocean or a babbling brook. There are also certain frequencies such as the 528 hz frequency that actually helps create an environment of healing. Here is a link to a Youtube video that you can play while meditating or sleeping.

#5:  Exercise –

Any kind of mindful, rhythmic exercise is helpful to balancing brainwaves and reducing anxiety. You can try walking meditations that incorporate music, breathing and physical movement. Yoga and Tai Chi are two excellent forms of mindful exercise that require focus on the body and breathing. Here is a link to a great yoga routine for anxiety.

#6:  Journaling-

Journaling your present feelings and fears is a way to get them out of the mind and body. Your fears lose some of their control over you when they are reduced to words on paper. There is also something very therapeutic about the handwriting process as opposed to typing your thoughts. The hand, eye, mind coordination uses certain brain connections that help reprogram your brain. One great journaling exercise to is to go on a “gratitude rampage” and write everything that you can think of that you are grateful for in 5 minutes. The 5 minute time crunch forces your brain to use your heightened emotional state and channel that energy in a positive direction.  This creates an uplifting mental momentum that you can continue once you put the pen down. Gratitude is a very high vibrational frequency state and a great way to help alter your brain waves.

#7: Vagas Nerve Exercises

I ran across this video and was amazed at how effective this exercise was in calming the nervous system down. It seems to also gain effectiveness the more you do it on a daily basis. Here is the link to this simple exercise.

#8 Tapping –

Last but not least you can use EFT (tapping) as a way to express and release your thoughts and feelings and reduce your anxiety.  Tapping is a very effective tool to shift your energy, change your brain waves and reduce negative emotions such as worry and fear which are both causes of anxiety. Here is a short video showing you how to use tapping to reduce your anxiety. Some other statements you can use when you tap on anxiety is to ask questions, such as “what is the worse thing that can happen if such and such comes to pass?” Or, “what is the source or root cause for this scary thought?” Or, “what am I really afraid of?” Invite your subconscious to have a conversation with you and help you answer those questions. You might be amazed at the answers you get. It’s important to realize that anxiety and worry are manifestations of stress and if left unchecked they can become part of our persona and “go to” states of being that affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. But by implementing simple to learn and use activities and techniques, worry and anxiety don’t have to be a way of life. Anxiety can be merely a temporary experience that we can learn from.
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